January 3, 2016

ShamRose Refugees Support Centre

ShamRose Refugee Support Centre

at The Working Centre

Centre worked from January 2016 to April 2017, it’s  closed now

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Funded by Immigration PartnerShip, Kindred Credit Union and Trinity United Church

58 Queen St S, Kitchener,ON , N2G 1V6
(519) 749 9177 ext. 220

Email: Helena@shamrose.ca or Hussam@shamrose.ca

ShamRose Refugee Support Centre aims to support a short term and effective settlement of the Syrian and Arabic-speaking newcomers. We provide traditional settlement support work such as: accompanying newcomers to appointments, assisting in registering for necessary documents, interpreting, and providing free certified translation, orientation sessions, and referrals to related services in the community. At this point our primary focus is on Privately Sponsored Refugees as they receive little to no guidance; we are, however, open to everybody.


When newcomers walk into the centre, we begin with an initial intake to assess their needs. After determining what settlement steps they have taken, we build a settlement plan. This work particularly applies for privately sponsored or blended visa refugees, as they do not receive this support from the government. Once we have built a settlement plan, we refer them to appropriate service providers and community resources.  We offer support in various important first steps of settlement, including documentation, school registration, and early paperwork.


We work closely with The Working Centre, offering interpretation for any appointments or services conducted there. To secure initial financial resources, we direct newcomers to the many employment centres in the region, including TWC.


ShamRose centre plays a community educator role; we bridge the knowledge gap between Arabic-speaking newcomers and service providers. We offer thorough presentations about life in Syria, life as a refugee in neighbouring countries, and the expectations and challenges that newcomers face in Canada, as well as cultural sensitivity training and intro to the crisis in Syria. These presentations provide valuable insight to private sponsors (churches or groups) in their pre-arrival preparation.


The centre serves as a centralized location where Arabic-speaking newcomers can access resources and support, which helps decrease the isolation many of them face. To further help with community building, we match newcomers with an enthusiastic and trained Arabic-speaking family or individual. These volunteers draw from our resources and their experience of life in Canada to help the newcomers settle in their new home, and build relationships in the Syrian community. The program is confidential and flexible. Volunteers may do home visits or provide help over the phone or internet, depending on what  works best for the matched pair.


As such, a crucial aspect of our work at ShamRose Centre for Refugee Support is volunteer coordination. Connecting Arab-speaking volunteers with newcomers and organizations, allows sponsor groups quick access to interpretation services. We believe that this work will empower volunteers to contribute in dealing with the Syrian crisis in an organized fashion.

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Activities & Events:
  • Computer Training Program
  • Christmas Hamper
  • Grand River Safety Event
  • Cultural Education


  • The Working Center
  • YMCA
  • KW Multicultural Center
  • Cultural Education
  • City of Kitchener
  • KW Counseling
  • Extend A Family
  • Football for the World Foundation