May 14, 2017

ShamRose Center

ShamRose Centre

at The Working Centre

Due to Covid-19, all services are on-line

ShamRose Centre aim to provide Peer Support for Arabic-speaking newcomers in settlement and integration into Canadian society.

ShamRose centre plays a community centre role; we bridge the knowledge gap between Arabic-speaking newcomers and service providers. As we use Peer to Peer approach, we can understand and help newcomers to overcome integration issues  in Canadian society.

The centre serves as a centralized location where Arabic-speaking newcomers can access resources and support, which helps decrease the isolation many of them face. To further help with community building, we match newcomers with an enthusiastic and trained Arabic-speaking family or individual. These volunteers draw from our resources and their experience of life in Canada to help the newcomers settle in their new home, and build relationships in the Arabic-speaking community. The program is confidential and flexible. Volunteers may do home visits or provide help over the phone or internet, depending on what  works best for the matched pair.

We work closely with The Working Centre, offering interpretation for any appointments or services conducted there. To secure initial financial resources, we direct newcomers to the many employment centres in the region, including TWC.

The centre runs by volunteers, so if you feel can help by volunteering with us, please contact us and we will be happy to share volunteer opportunities with you.